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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
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Coyote Drive-In
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Coyote Canteen
Restaurant & Mini Golf

SPRING OPEN HOURS: 5:30pm Wed-Fri, 11:30am Sat. & Sun.

Coyote Drive-In Leeds Alabama

Coyote Drive-In Alabama Tickets

Coyote Drive-In Book Events

Throwin' a Party?

Our experienced event team will show you and your guests a great, “one-of-a-kind” time at Coyote Drive-In

  • Rates and fees for special events vary with the size of the group, time of day, and time of the year.

  • Movie programming is not published until Tuesday mornings, however, advance group tickets are available.

  • A private screen rental requires minimum buyouts.

Miniature Golf at
Coyote Drive-In Alabama

$4 per person
5:30pm-9:30pm (Thur-Fri)

11:30am-9:30pm (Sat-Sun)

Coyote Drive-In Leeds Mini Golf Now Open

Coyote Drive-In Alabama Tickets

Coyote Drive-In Alabama Tickets

Movie Lineup Fri - Thur, June 22nd - 28th

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

PG13 | 150 min 8:30pm


PG13 | 119 min. 11:00pm

Incredibles 2

PG | 120 min 8:35pm

Solo: A Star Wars Story

PG13 | 135 min. 10:55pm

Deadpool 2

R | 119 min 8:40pm


R | 127 min. 11:05pm

Ocean's 8

PG13 | 110 min. 8:45pm


R | 90 min. 11:00pm

Coyote Drive-In Alabama Tickets

Coyote Drive-In Alabama Tickets

100+ Soft Drink Flavors Available at Coyote Drive-In Alabama

Many ways to watch Movies at Coyote Drive-in...in a Lawn Chair, on a Blanket by the Screen, in the back of a Truck or Van, or in the Car seats...choose your preference and be comfortable.